July 16, 2021 3 min read

This is the most commonly asked question we receive here at Quirky Bubba. 

And the answer… Well it depends…
In this blog piece we’ll talk you through elements that impact the lifespan of your QB Cot.


All of our cots come with two mattress heights; newborn and toddler.
The newborn setting is higher so that you don’t have to reach down so far with your teeny tiny bub -who is going to need A LOT of picking up.
The toddler setting, where the mattress base will spend most of its life, is much lower than the newborn setting; which is much safer for inquisitive toddlers who will want to bust out and get busy!!
So, straight off the bat we can tell you that our cots will cover you from newborn all the way through to toddler stage. 


Bassinets are used in place of the newborn setting on a cot.
Bassinets often have other functions, such as co-sleeping options and wheels or rockers. 

Bassinets are luxury items, a baby will be perfectly safe and comfortably in a cot on a newborn setting. 


The toddler height setting on a cot will last you until your bub is around 3 years old.
At this time, you’re going to thank the stars above for the invention of the toddler rail...
We spoke earlier about toddlers being great explorers, and soon enough it will come time for them to adopt some autonomy into their routine. That is, not calling for you every time they want to get out of their cot and more importantly, not trying to climb their way out!!

A toddler rail conversion is an additional piece of “cot” that you use to replace the existing front of the cot -to turn it into a toddler bed.
A toddler rail allows your toddler to get in and out of bed on their own, but not roll out in their sleep. They also greatly assist with the transition from sleeping in a “baby cot” to a “big boy/girl bed” because your bub will still be familiar with the feel of their OWN bed. 

Your child will be perfectly safe in a toddler bet until they are at least 4 - 5. 

All Quirky Bubba cots come with toddler rail conversions included in the price, however this is not the case with most cot providers, so make sure you check this out when you’re researching. 


Once your child has the hang of sleeping on their own, there is also the option to remove the toddler rail from the cot entirely -which turns the cot into a “Day Bed”. While it will still be shorter in length than a regular mattress, you will have more options for styling the cot and it will look and feel more like an adult bed.

Depending on how tall your bub is, you could use this day bed setting for even a few more years still.  


All of our cots come with large storage drawers underneath the mattress. This isn’t a necessity, nor does it have anything to do with longevity -but why wouldn’t you want more storage?
Pro Tip: Never EVER say no to storage options when baby’s / kids are in the mix. They have a habit of accumulating more “stuff” that you can dream of!!
We often suggest that parents use the drawer under the cot to store linen. Not something that you’re going to reach for every day, but something that sure does take up space.
At Quirky Bubba, we just LOVE value for money!! 

We already mentioned that some cot retailers charge more for toddler conversions… The other “additional extra” to be mindful of is the mattress itself, and whether it’s included in the price of the cot. At Quirky Bubba, ALL of our cots come with FREE regular cotton mattresses included in the price of the cot. We also have options to upgrade your mattress depending on your budget and requirements. 

In a nutshell, you’re going to get at least 5 years, and 4 settings out of your Quirky Bubba cot -for the price that is listed. Now that, we feel, is real value for money.