June 01, 2021 4 min read

Welcome to our Quirky Bubba


We understand that a lot of our audience are first time parents, and that choosing what nursery furniture is right for you can be a little daunting.


In this series we will explore common terms and questions about different parts of the nursery. An informed decision is a happy decision & that’s exactly how we want you to feel with your QB nursery. 


One of the most essential areas in a nursery is somewhere to change your baby. 

Having been in the nursery business for over 12 years we have helped many MANY first time mum’s build their dream space and decide on a change solution that is right for them. 


We sell a number of options that suit different needs and aesthetics, however they all share the same feature of making change time easier!!


  • A stand alone change table such as our Lani Change Table.
  • A change table on wheels, like our QB Change Table with Change Mat.
  • A Chest of drawers with a Chest Top Change Mat. 
  • A Nursery unit such as our Onslow.  


For many 1st time mama’s-to-be, changing a baby is a completely new experience. When you start out we find it’s best to find a routine that works for YOU, where both you and bubs feel safe and comfortable -however stability is key!!

Babies wriggle around A LOT -which is why all of our units with wheels have brakes, and our stand alone change tables are designed to be very sturdy.

The Chest Top Change Mats are best used with a set of brackets, or positioned on a recess to stop the chest tops from moving.

Our most popular change tables are those with Chest Top Change Mats, and here’s why…

You’ll become an expert at changing your baby in no time at all, which will mean that you will be confident to change them anywhere and everywhere. When this time comes, and also as your bub grows up you won’t have a use for the change table, whereas you will ALWAYS need drawers and storage pieces. Because providing value is our core business, most of the change tables in our collection are the “Chest Tops”, and this is to save you money and space.




We've compiled a list of information that will help you choose the best change table for you.


  • Ensure the Change Table is stable and solid
  • Check for Raised sides which help prevent your Baby from rolling off the Table.  The Change Mat sometimes has raised edges, and the Change Table can have roll bars that also assist. 
  • Some Change Mats come with an adjustable seat belt strap to help hold your baby in place whilst changing. 
  • Raised sides on Change Tables should be at least 10cm high. 
  • The Change Table should have no sharp edges. 
  • Some Change Tables come with the option to us as a bath.  Make sure that is made for this purpose & that it is safe & stable. Remember that the paint on wooden Tables may crack, or the wood soften, if wet for long periods.



    • Check that the height of the Table is comfortable for you.
    • The best way to use a Change Table is if your back is slightly forward. If you are stretching your back the Change Table is too high. 
    • To test for the correct height, stand in front of the Change Table and lean forward & check if you are comfortable.
    • You will need to be able to place, move & lift your Baby on/off the Change Table numerous times. 
    • When lifting your baby they should come into your chest, that is where you have the most control of baby - not into you face. If they are coming into you face, the Change Table is too high for you and you will find it uncomfortable.
    • Ensure you are not bending or reaching too far. You must be able to safely change your baby & have control of him/her at all times.
    • Check you are not bending too far forward as this could injure your back.

Storage Space

  • Ensure there is enough Storage on the Table (either drawers or shelves) so you do not need to move from the Change Table at any time during changing.
  • It is a personal preference regarding open shelves or drawers. Some parents prefer to have all the changing items hidden away, whilst others like open access to items.
  • Babies quickly become toddlers, & items on open shelving can present hazards.
  • Just make sure that there is enough room to store all the things you need so you do not leave your baby unattended on the Change Table.  



  • Check whether the Change Table has castors at the bottom, and if so, whether the castors are lockable.  Two of the castors need to be lockable.
  • If you have open shelving, the items may move around whilst you are wheeling.  Baskets could solve this issue. 



  • The Changing Table surface should be easy to wipe down. Non-toxic cleaning products should only be used. If the change table is wood, be careful not to over wet the wood.
  • Some Tables included a Change Mat – check what comes with the Table as you may need to purchase a separate Mat.
  • Vinyl covers on Change mats are easy to wipe down.
  • All Change Mats are different sizes, as there is no standard size.  Check you will receive a Change Mat with your Table to ensure the correct fit.