March 25, 2020 1 min read

A Cradle/Bassinet is a small bed for newborns that is normally used only for the first few months before babies become active.  After that time, it is safer to move your baby to a Cot. You do not have to use a Cradle/Bassinet before using your Cot, but it does make it easier if you want to have your baby sleep in your bedroom.


  • As a rule Cradles/Bassinets shouldn't be used once your baby can roll over or pull themselves up (or over) the side – which is usually around four to six months of age.
  • Cradles/Bassinets with wheels make it easier to move them around.  Ensure that the wheels are lockable (at least two wheels should lock).
    Our AMANDA BASSINET is a great option for a bassinet with lockable wheels. 
  • Look for a Cradle/Bassinet that has adequate breathable zones on all four sides to eliminate suffocation risks and provide enough ventilation for your baby.
  • There is no Australian Standard for Cradles/Bassinets.
  • The Cradle/Bassinet needs to be deep enough so your baby will not fall out. Ensure that the distance between the top of the Mattress & the top of the Cradle/Bassinet is no less than 250mm. 
  • The Mattress should fit snugly so there are no gaps. All Quirky Bubba Cradles and Bassinets come with complementary mattress that perfectly fit the frame.
  • Mattress should be firm & only use the Mattress that is supplied with the Cradle/Bassinet.