July 23, 2021 3 min read

A Drop Rail is a mechanism thatenables you to lower the rail on one side of the Cot, so it is easy to get your Baby in & out of the Cot when they are a newborn. 

Whether or not a cot has a drop rail is one of the main functional differences between cots, so this feature can help you narrow your cot selection process. 


So why do some cots have drop rails and others don’t?
It all comes down to design. 
Australian Standards enforce what type of drop you can have and how it works, however the rest is based on how you want the cot to look.
It’s VERY important to mention here that all Quirky Bubba cots come with Australian Safety Standard Certificates.


Let’s take a look at some cots in our range to help illustrate...

Our Strathmore Cot & Contemporary Cot have the cot drawer at the front of the cot – that is because these cots DO NOT have a drop rail. This allows the drawer to sit at the front of the cot, have handles and be very visible. 


Our Stirling, Regal or Windsor cots also have drawers, but they are not as obviously positioned -this is because these cots have drop rails. With these cots, the drawer sits BEHIND the drops rail -which allows the rail to function.

The question still remains, Should I buy a cot with a drop rail? 

While a lot of this decision is based on aesthetic preference, the other thing to consider with drop rails is your height. Let us tell you why… 

There will come a time when your baby will start pulling themselves up in the cot. At this time you will need to put the mattress base to the lower level for safety, so bubs can’t flip themselves out of the cot. 


At this same time, yes, your bub will be able to pull themselves up in the cot etc, but don’t worry -they won’t have the strength and cor-ordination to get out. During this stage, on occasions, you will need to put your baby/toddler to bed in the cot after they have fallen asleep elsewhere. Trust us when we tell you that you WON’T want to wake them, and THIS is when a drop rail is very handy if you are not of average height or have back problems.

The drop rail means you will have less of a distance to place your bub on the mattress. Basically, the toddler rail makes it easier -both with keeping your bubs asleep and also on your back.




• Cots with drop rails mean parents don't have to reach over as far to pick up or place down a baby, so they can be great for people who aren’t super tall or have back problems

• A lot of parents find it easier to lay a child down without waking them when they use the drop rail

• It can be easier to change bedding on the cot mattress with the side lowered


• It’s a little bit more time consuming to put a cot together that has a drop rail

• Some drop-rails can be noisier to operate around a sleeping child, this is because the drop-rails have to comply with Australian standards -if they were as quiet as a mouse they likely wouldn’t comply.

Overall it is really up to you and what will suit you and your baby best. At Quirky Bubba we stock both Drop Rail and Fixed Cots, all of which are manufactured and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 2172 safety standards for peace of mind. 


We hope this helps you decide. 
If you're still not sure, please feel free to book an in person or zoom showroom appointment for a 1:1 consultation