Quirky Bubba - 12 Month Warranty (NZ)

When you purchase goods from Quirky Bubba you receive a 12-month Warranty.  The Warranty is effective from the date of your purchase, or from the date of the receipt of the goods (for each item), whichever is the latter.  Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees law.  You may be entitled to seek repairs, a replacement, or a refund if your purchased goods fail to comply with this guarantee.

 The rights and remedies given to you by our Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies you may have under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees law or any other applicable laws in relation to our goods.


If you believe your product is not of acceptable quality, at our discretion, we may offer you the choice to either:

  • repair the product at an agreed cost within a reasonable time;
  • exchange the product for an identical or near-identical non-defective product (subject to stock availability) at our cost;
  • return the product and obtain a refund of the price you paid for the product; or
  • keep the product and receive a partial refund;
  • give you a full refund on the strict condition that you return the product to us at your own cost

Should we require the return of the product, or if you are entitled to return it and wish to do so, we will arrange for collection of the product from you at an agreed cost within a reasonable time.


Products are of acceptable quality if they are:

  • fit for their normal purposes and does everything it is commonly used for;
  • satisfactory in look and finish;
  • match the product description or sample model;
  • free from minor defects;
  • safe to use; and
  • durable

Please note that minor defects are subject to what a reasonable consumer would determine acceptable quality as. This means that the existence of minor defects does not necessarily mean your product is in breach of the Warranty or Guarantee. The acceptability of your product is fact-specific and will take into account a range of facts, including but not limited to the nature, price, and the fitness for purpose of a product.



We may not provide a repair, exchange or refund in respect of any product if:

  • the product does not contain a defect;
  • Timber is a natural product so please expect that there will be minor imperfections in the paint or stain work (please note imperfections are not defects, and there may be slight variation in colours, texture, surface, finish, markings, veining natural fissures, occlusion and indents) and do not affect the functionality of the product.
  • you have simply changed your mind about the product;
  • the defect is a result of neglect, misuse or alteration of the product, for example, the product was not assembled properly in accordance with the provided assembly instructions, or was dropped, scratched, damaged, abused, or not cared for properly by you;
  • you were made aware of the defect before you bought the product.
  • the period of time that has passed since you bought the product is longer than the product could reasonably be expected to remain defect-free.
  • the product has been destroyed, lost or damaged while in your possession.
  • there is fair wear and tear from your use; or
  • you are unable to provide reasonable proof of having purchased the product directly from us.


Please note that purchases of our Products from eBay/Amazon or other online platforms are not covered under our Warranty.



 Please check that you have received the correct items (number of boxes, colour & product);

  • Open each box & check each item to ensure there is no damage to any part;
  • Do not assemble or use the product if there is damage to any part;
  • If there is damage, please follow the steps detailed below.



If you have any issues with the item you purchased from us, please email us with pictures of the issue(s) and part number(s), a brief description of the issue(s), and your Invoice number. 

Please check every item you have received prior to emailing us.  This ensures we can rectify all issues at the same time. 

We will then:

  • determine the nature of the issue(s) (e.g. whether it is a minor or major failure); and
  • contact you about the issue(s); and
  • determine a resolution to rectify the issue(s), if any.

Please contact us if you are unsure of the process.