Assembly Tips

Our Flat Pack furniture is easy to assemble, & to help you here are some time saving tips.

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  • When you open the box, make sure you have everything you need. Place everything out so you can see it and make sure nothing is missing (don’t worry, there won’t be).
  • Identify each part against our Instructions as you unpack them.
  • Carefully identify & separate different screw sizes.
  • Clear enough space to work in. Move the packaging to avoid cluttering your work space.
  • Our Instructions are easy to understand & follow. Don’t stray from them or skip any steps.
  • Work methodically, checking that each piece is correctly situated and aligned before screwing it into place.
  • Don’t tighten screws until the end – this will make it easy to take things apart if you start to go wrong. This video shows the correct way to tighten the Pins & Cans for all of our furniture.
  • To clean your Furniture, use a damp cloth.  Avoid the use of strong detergents or abrasives.

All Cots

  • Assemble your Cot in the room where it will be placed. It may not fit through the door once assembled.
  • Initially, the Cot Base goes on the highest position. Only drop it down to the lower level once your baby is pulling themselves up.
  • When assembled, the Cot Base must have the label facing up. Check out this short video which shows the 2 Cot Base heights, & the correct way to install the Cot Base.
  • The Cot Drop Rail needs to have room to go on. Therefore all the screws have to stay loose until this is done, or you will end up damaging your Cot.
  • Our new Standard Cots (late 2017) have a different drop rail mechanism, & includes being able to lock the drop rail.  Screw it in or out with the allen key.

  • Make sure the runners of the Cot Drawer are not on the wrong ends. Otherwise the Drawer won’t go in enough, and the Drop Rail will not work.

  • Position your Cot away from curtain or blind cords.
  • Keep your Cot away from power points.
  • Have mobiles and toys well out of reach.
  • Make sure the walls above your Cot do not have pictures or mirrors that could fall.
  • It is recommended that you don’t use pillows or leave toys in the Cot.
  • Regularly check for firmness of screws or damage which could render your Cot unsafe or cause splinters. 


Amanda Bassinet

  • The Bassinet Drop Rail needs to have room to go on. Therefore all the screws have to stay loose until this is done, or you will end up damaging your Bassinet.


Wardrobe & Bookshelf

  • Due to the size of these products, 2 people are needed to help with the assembly.


Toy Box

  • The Toy Box has a slow release hinge, which means it is tight. Make sure it goes on the Toy Box the right way up to ensure you don’t rip out the screws.


4 Drawer Chest & 3 Drawer Change Table

  • If the drawer fronts of your 4 Drawer Chest or 3 Drawer Change Table are falling off, it is because you haven’t locked in the screws correctly. Refer to this video which shows how to assemble the Drawers.


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